Parish Working Groups

There is a lot of work constantly going on for the Clerk and Parish Councillors as the Parish covers both West Winch and Setchey wards.

West Winch Parish Council  has Working Groups of Councillors to carry out some of the work behind the scenes and during the times the Parish Council does not meet.

There are six Working Groups covering the following subjects:

Planning  – Deals with planning applications, planning enforcement matters, Neighbourhood Plan matters.    Terms of Reference – PLANNING ToR may 17

Finance and Grants  – Deals with all financial matters, works with other village organisations to offer grant advice.  Current Chairman is Cllr Lamb.   Terms of Reference – FINANCE_GRANTS ToR may 17

Playing Fields and Maintenance – Looks after the assets of the Council – playing fields, children’s’ play area, skate park,  Coronation Meadow, litter bins, dog bins etc.  Current Chairman is Cllr Burt. Terms of Reference – PLAYING FIELDS_MAINTENANCE ToR – May 17

Street Lighting  – Looks after the street lights owned by the Parish Council.  Current Chairman is Cllr Dell.  Terms of Reference – STREET LIGHTING ToR May 17

Consultation  – Deals with any consultations received by the Parish Council.  Current Chairman is Cllr Foster.    Terms of Reference – CONSULTATION ToR may 17

Health and Wellbeing – Encourages residents to get involved in the Inter-Village Games each year, organises Sport Taster sessions, involved in any Village Fun days.   Current Chairman is Cllr Burke.   Terms of Reference – HEALTH_WELLBEING ToR may 17


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