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SAM 2 Data Long Lane

Sam 2 Data for Long Lane 2nd August – 4th September

Parish News September 2022

Mobile Library Serivce

The Mobile library service will be in the Village on

18 Oct 22
15 Nov 22
13 Dec 22
10 Jan 23
07 Feb 23
07 Mar 23

Mobile Library route

While you wait

NHS Are you waiting for treatment

Your surgery could be delayed if you’re not fit and well enough. Make sure you’re physically and mentally ready by taking care of your health while you wait.


Find advice about keeping healthy, looking after your mental health, and find local support services at

SAM2 Data Back Lane

SAM2 Data for Back Lane heading south from 10th June to 7th July

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Jubilee Trees for Norfolk

Norfolk County Council’s Jubilee Trees for Norfolk scheme is open for applications!
Your community can help Norfolk become a more vibrant place for wildlife and people by getting involved with Jubilee Trees for Norfolk, supporting the Queen’s Green Canopy.

As part of our project to enable one million trees to be planted in Norfolk, we are offering up to 50% subsidy on the cost of tree packs. The scheme is available to everyone – including individuals, schools, community groups and landowners.

The aim of this scheme is to establish 40,000 trees in gardens and green spaces across the county. It’s a great opportunity for Town/Parish Councils and community groups to mark this special year by planting a Jubilee orchard, hedgerow or woodland that will enhance the lives of generations to come.

Trees come in packs of 10, 20 or 125 and can be split up and planted in different locations across your community (Please note – not Orchard Packs as they need to be planted together). All trees will be small saplings (approx.. 60-70cm) and will be bare-rooted. Young trees have a better chance of survival when planted.

Tree packs come in a range of bundle types:

  • Hedgerow – including hawthorn, dogwood, hazel, guelder rose and crab apple
  • Wildlife trees – including spindle, crab apple, cherry plum, hazel, oak
  • Small trees/urban – including rowan, hazel, crab apple, hawthorn, whitebeam
  • Taller trees –including oak, hornbeam, wild service tree, common beech,  common alder

You can also get a discount on tree guards to protect your young trees.

We also have orchard packs available. These are a hand-selected heritage mix including one hazelnut and at least one apple tree and a mix from pear, plum, medlar, cherry, greengage and quince. At 1m (or more) high, they are larger in size than the trees in other packs. They have a small discount on the recommended retail price.

The application form is open now, but trees will be ready to collect and plant in this year’s planting season between December 2022 and February 2023.

You can apply here:

Sam2 Data

SAM2 Data for Gravelhill Lane heading east 2nd May – 6th June